About Soledad Lowe


Soledad Lowe is an Argentine-Swedish multi disciplinary Artist. She was trained as an FGA Gemologist, Designer and Jeweler. She spent years in NYC and London, and currently resides in Miami. She started her career at some of the world’s leading auction houses. Soledad worked for Christie’s in London and New York, as well as a Bukowskis Auction House and Stockholm Auction House in Stockholm, where she regularly gave lectures in Gemology and Jewelry History. She also worked for the Swedish Court Jeweler W.A. Bolin. Soledad was later named Head Designer at the Japanese jewelry firm Yuri Ichihashi and then founded her own Gallery, Objets du Desir in New York City. At her Gallery she showcased her own collections and exhibited other artists. Her bespoke artistic collection was launched in 2015 and she later on launched her art studio.

Soledad studied at Stockholm University, Gemology in London and Jewelry Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she graduated with honors and was nominated for the American Facet Award. She also gained vast knowledge and experience from her father, a sculptor and lapidary expert.

She is a visionary multi-disciplinary artist whose creations transcend traditional boundaries. Through a blend of innovative concepts and craftsmanship, she explores the depths of human emotion, societal commentary, and the intricate connections between form and meaning. Each creation is a meticulously crafted narrative, inviting viewers to delve into layers of symbolism and interpretation. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of materiality, Soledad pushes the boundaries of her creations, challenging perceptions, igniting thought-provoking dialogues about the world we inhabit and its environmental issues. Through their bold exploration of ideas and forms, she creates works that provoke inquiry and juxtaposition.

She won the FGI - Fashion Group International Award 2018. Soledad was nominated best Artistic Jeweler by Miami Magazine 2019 and published in the book by Artistar Jewels “The contemporary Jewel as never seen before”. Her art installation for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 was award nominated.

Soledad has been represented in several exhibitions, medias and solo shows, amongst others at Artistar Jewels -Milano - Italy, DM/BX Design Miami - USA, the Royal Armoury - Sweden, Argentine Embassy - Sweden, The M building Gallery, solo show - Miami and Venice Biennale Architecture 2023 - Italy.